Cloudfield Drives Photographic Innovation for Photorobot: From Firmware to Cloud Solutions

About the Customer

Photorobot is a pioneer in automated product photography for e-commerce. They offer innovative solutions that enable one-click creation of quality and consistent product images in 2D, 360°, and 3D. Their portfolio includes motorised turntables, robotic arms for cameras, and multi-camera systems, complemented by software for easy planning, organising, and editing photos. Photorobot distinguishes itself with its modular, software-driven, and customisable approach.

Challenge: Comprehensive Development

To become a leader in e-commerce photography, Photorobot had to develop a range of key technologies:

  • Software for capturing images in 2D and 3D formats with advanced editing features.
  • Firmware for precise control of robotic systems.
  • Selection and design of hardware for robot control.
  • Management of robot production and systems for licensing and activation.

Requirements: Flexible and Experienced Partner

Photorobot sought a highly experienced yet flexible partner capable of agile delivery of solutions based on changing business requirements. They needed to deliver a comprehensive solution from firmware to applications for photographers and central backend systems running in Google Cloud (GCP). The partner also needed experience taking over and optimising existing systems for greater robustness and creating an efficient DevOps process.

Why Cloudfield?

Photorobot chose Cloudfield for our deep knowledge of cloud solutions, experience in embedded system development hardware design, and the ability to develop and stabilise existing software efficiently and collaborate with the business side.

Implementation: Applied Solutions

We developed comprehensive solutions, including:

  • Firmware for robots.
  • Infrastructure in Google Cloud and Azure.
  • Central ERP system and license management.
  • Development of control software for photographers and photo processing.
  • Systems for storing photos and managing photographed items.

Outcome and Benefit

Photorobot became a leader in automated product photography thanks to our tailored solution and continuously evolving software across all layers. They now offer their services as SaaS to a wide range of customers, from large companies to smaller businesses. Through this partnership, Photorobot has established itself as a leader in automated product photography, and Cloudfield has reaffirmed its position as a trusted technology solution partner.