We develop applications with our customers using the endless possibilities of the cloud. But we don't limit ourselves to it.

AI not only for Cloud

AI not only for Cloud

AI Truly Safe

We bring a revolution to business processes with our AI solutions, which are both cutting-edge and safe and reliable. We introduce you to a new era of artificial intelligence built on the pillars of security, privacy, and innovation.

Under the Hood: OpenAI in Microsoft Azure
  • Exclusive Environment: Our AI models are operated on the Microsoft Azure platform, allowing us to ensure a high level of security and isolation from the external environment.
  • OpenAI API: We utilise the OpenAI API based on the advanced ChatGPT model. This model offers fantastic flexibility and customisation options for your specific needs
  • Data Protection: Your data is not used to train new generations of models, ensuring their protection and privacy. They are safe from any misuse
  • Private Access: : We use private endpoint techniques to access the API model, ensuring that access to the model is limited to your environment only. This ensures maximum control over who has access to your data.
Ready for the Future

With our safe and reliable AI services, you gain a tool that will grow with your company and help you face new challenges in the ever-changing digital world.

AI Prediction and Anomaly Analysis - A New Dimension in Data Processing

Our new method transforms any data so that it is not only easily accessible but also enables efficient derivation of precise predictions and anomaly analyses, thanks to the use of LLM (Large Language Models) technology.

How Do We Approach Your Data?

1. Data Transfer to Data Store: We start by transferring your data into a data store in the form of structured text. This allows us to preserve the complexity and richness of the information contained in the data.

2. Sentiment Analysis and Key Information Extraction: We use advanced LLM algorithms to identify sentiment and extract critical information from your data. This gives us a deeper understanding of the content and its context.

3. Data Indexing into Vector Store: This is followed by indexing data into a vector store, enabling us to create efficient and accurate data representations for further analysis.

4. Using Data for Anomaly Analysis: We then use these representations for anomaly analysis using mathematical methods or traditional machine learning, allowing us to identify patterns and irregularities in the data.

Real-life Example: Prediction and Recommendation for E-Commerce

Imagine a situation where we are looking for common characteristics of users for product recommendations in an e-commerce store:

  • User Card: We create a “user card” summarising all available information about the user, including their purchases and communications with us.
  • LLM User Evaluation: The LLM then performs a user evaluation, looking at the user card “as a human” and applying experiences hidden in the LLM to supplement information evident to humans but unreachable by mathematical methods.
  • Recommendation Detection: This extended information is then used for recommendation detection, as the user now shares common characteristics with other users who have already made purchases.
Transcending the Boundaries of Traditional Data Processing

With our approach, we open up new possibilities in analysis and prediction that transcend the boundaries of traditional data processing. Our AI technology elevates your decision-making, marketing, and business strategies to an entirely new level.

AI for Decision Support - Transform Your Business Intelligence

Decision support using artificial intelligence is not only innovative but is gradually becoming a necessity. We introduce a solution that combines advanced Large Language Models (LLM) technologies with vector database support. This enables efficient information retrieval from your data.

How Does It Work? Revolutionary Integration of AI into Your Environment

1. Secure AI LLM Integration: We start by integrating LLM based on ChatGPT technology into your environment. This step ensures that AI will work according to your security standards and needs.

2. Data Indexing and Vectorization: The next phase involves indexing and converting your existing data into vectors stored in a chroma database. This process allows for efficient and rapid access to information.

3. Interactive Queries: Users can then ask questions through an application, where the LLM uses vectors and the chroma database to find the most accurate and relevant answers

4. Responses with References: Responses provided by ChatGPT are not just raw information but also include references to the original sources of information, allowing users to gain a deeper understanding of the context.

5. Vectorisation of Uploaded Documents: Users can also upload their own documents to the system. These are broken down into vectors during processing and used to deepen and refine the search.

Take Your Decision-Making to a New Level

With our AI solution, you gain more accurate and faster access to information, thereby streamlining and automating the decision-making process. This is the future of business intelligence, where every piece of information is within reach, and every decision is data-driven.

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