Carl Stahl & spol, s.r.o.

Digitization and Automation of Internal Processes

About the Customer

Carl Stahl, an international company that has been operating in the Czech market since 1994, offers comprehensive services in rope, lifting, safety, and lashing technology, including design, assembly, service, and training. The foundation of their long-term success in the industry is a strong emphasis on safety, quality, and customer satisfaction

Challenge: Automation of Processes

Carl Stahl sought to transform and digitize selected internal processes. They needed an efficient way to record working hours, document circulation, and project work, as well as to automate everyday operations such as business trip accounting and the creation of accounting documents.

Requirements: Digitization and Automation

Carl Stahl was looking for a comprehensive solution for digitizing and automating internal processes, which would be integrated into their systems with a focus on Single Sign-On for easy and secure access. They wanted to manage working hours and holidays effectively, automate business trip accounting, and generate accurate accounting documents from worked hours, ensuring flawless and smooth daily operations.

Why Cloudfield?

Carl Stahl chose Cloudfield as a partner for their digitalization journey due to Cloudfield’s ability to provide fast, efficient, and precise solutions. Cloudfield’s expertise and ability to implement client requirements were decisive in their selection.


We developed and implemented solutions that were integrated into Carl Stahl’s existing infrastructure. A vital integration aspect was using Single Sign-On, which simplifies access and enhances security while minimising employee workload. Key components included digital platforms for efficient management of working hours and holidays and automated systems for managing business trips, significantly streamlining the accounting and cost management processes.

Outcome and Benefit

Thanks to our solutions, Carl Stahl achieved significant improvements in managing their internal processes, leading to increased productivity and reduced administrative burden. Digitization and automation of critical operations led to faster and more accurate accounting and increased transparency, enabling better organizational decision-making.