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AI, ML & Big Data Cloud

AI not only for Cloud

How We Can Help You
BI BRO is an intelligent business intelligence tool that transforms complex data into practical insights using AI.
DOC BRO is an effective document analysis solution that uses AI to automate the processing of documents.
Strategic Analysis for AI Integration
We analyze your business goals and IT infrastructure to find the best way to integrate AI solutions into your processes.
Intelligent Automation
Our team will help you automate various business processes with AI, from simplifying routine tasks to improving customer service.
AI Project Planning
We will assist you in developing an AI strategy for your project, from architectural design to setting KPIs, outlining outputs, timelines, costs, and assessing risks.
Data Preparation
Our data preparation processes include data mining, cleaning, standardization, and adherence to personal data protection principles, all aimed at laying a solid foundation for efficient and accurate machine learning algorithms.
ML Modeling
We develop and iteratively refine machine learning models to ensure their accuracy and reliability in operation.
ML Output Integration
We integrate the results of machine learning into your business environment to improve process efficiency and decision-making capabilities.
Quality Assurance for AI/ML Solutions
Our team thoroughly tests your AI application to verify its performance and reliability.
User Training & Documentation
We help your team get acquainted with the new system and create user guides to help you get the most out of it.
Support & Optimization
We offer ongoing technical support and consultations to ensure that your AI solutions remain current and effective.
Fraud Prevention
We use data analysis to timely detect risks and unusual behavior patterns, increasing your company's overall security.
Data strategy consultation
We work with you on the development and optimization of your data strategy. We conduct detailed analyses and develop comprehensive plans so that your data fully serves your goals.
Data Engineering & Infrastructure
We create data pipelines that transform raw data into meaningful information. Our adaptable architectures not only streamline analyses but also prepare your organization for future growth and scaling.
Real-Time Analytics
Our solutions for real-time data analysis enable quick and informed decision-making. We utilize the latest cloud technologies to analyze structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data.
Predictive Analytics
We identify trends and opportunities before they become apparent, ensuring you're always one step ahead.
Data Visualization
We transform complex data sets into intuitive visualizations and dashboards, facilitating understanding and communication of information.
Analysis Integration
By incorporating top big data tools into your current systems, we help you gain a richer and more detailed understanding of your business environment.
Cloud BI Developer
We develop and implement cloud-based solutions for processing and analyzing big data on platforms such as Databricks, Data Warehouse, RDBMS, cloud storage (e.g., Azure storage HDFS), and ETL pipelines (e.g., Azure Data Factory).
Lambda Architecture for Data Processing
Our Lambda Architecture services optimize data processing, combining real-time data analysis with batch processing to create flexible and robust data warehouses tailored to your specific needs.
Comprehensive Services for Creating Data Warehouses
From concept to deployment, we offer a wide range of solutions for data warehouses (DWH) tailored to your needs. We focus on key aspects such as data management, schema design, and performance optimization to ensure an agile and resilient DWH environment. The result is a clear system that facilitates your daily decision-making and strategic planning.
ETL Data Pipelines
Simplify your data work with our ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) solutions. Our team designs and develops data flows that automate data extraction from various sources, perform complex transformations, and load clean, well-organized data into your data warehouse or other storage, making it easier to manage and update.