Personal or close experience with pain, handicap or misery can bring man on the journey of philanthropy. For us, it was mainly through our family members, who desided to work for non-profit projects.

They allowed us to look into their world, where people consider their professions as a mission and they help the others often in uneasy conditions. We want to join and help to non-profit organizations, because their mission addresses us. We also want to support non-profit projects, where our IT expertise can be considered as a big added value.


Center for rehabilitation of persons with handicaps

Financial support for “Sensorial integration room”

Cloudfield donated this year 100 000 Kc to realization of sensorial integration room for ARPIDA in Ceske Budejovice. Center ARPIDA is non-profit organization, which helps families caring for person with handicap by health, social and educating services.

In the new room of sensorial integration clients will be stimulated to activity and processing perceptions from surroundings. It supports ability of their brain to process sensory information and use it in everyday life. It is the first such a space and possibility of special therapy in South-Bohemian region.


Center for volunteering

Financial support for children camp of Pět P and KOMPAS programs

Cloudfield donated 50 000 CZK this year to a camp for disadvantaged children, which is organised every year by HESTIA – Center for volunteering.

This camp is dedicated to children from 6 to 15 years from Prague, which cannot attend usual camps due to different reasons (ekonomical, health, educational, family, social and others).  

Children are current or previous clients of programs Pět P and KOMPAS and come mostly from incomplete or socially weaker families or institutional care. These children are not usually able to establish friendships, they have behavioural problems in groups, they are hyperactive, they can be suffering from depression or autism disorder.

Due to individual approach, friendly environment and the program adapted to specific needs children have safe environment where to spend time carefreely and with happiness.  


Center for volunteering

IT support and development of applications

What is usual and normal in corporations, it is a big challenge for non-profit organizations. Without extra money for IT systems some things are simply made “on the knee”.

Thanks to Cloudfield HESTIA could for example finally upgrade CRM system for company volunteering programs and from excel report went over to simple application with possibility of reporting, tasks entering and many more gadgets.

„In the beginning we were worried of course, but now we cannot imagine to manage these programs without the application!“

It would be very difficult to run our website for freetime volunteers without consultancy of Cloudfield and its migration to cloud.

"We had to contend with very slow response of the website, which caused total paralysis of the website during the pandemic last year."

Solution cloudfield



Our products are build up on hybrid cloud solution (GCP and Azure) and on our own hardware and firmware driving our robots. Cloudfield is a strategic partner for us designing solution architecture and participating on development of particular components of our solutions – from firmware of robots to cloud platform for management of robots.

Kamil Hrbáček



Team Cloudfield helped us to design and implement migration of all essential systems of Zasilkovna from hosting environment do cloud MS Azure. There were used principles of infrastructure automatization and setup of gradual migration and separation of particular components of main IT system to microservices, which are currently gradually implemented and operated in kubernetes clusters. We also utilized help of colleagues from Cloudfield to create DevOps team and implement DevOps principles. We really apprecite help with creation of new security team included modernization of security practices as an incident response and so on. Thanks to changes, by which Zasilkovna went through, it is able to adapt faster on market changes, especially in current time, when logistic companies are part of the front line in securing operation of the economy in times of pandemic.

Adam Hrozenberger



Colleagues from Cloudfield help us to transform architecture of essential systems to cloud environment, set up new DevOps practices according to principles of „cloud first“ development and to adapt architecture and deployment cycle of applications for containerization platforms such as Kubernetes. Infrastructure automatization is also an entire part of our collective activities. As well as we appreciate big experience related to choice of appropriate services from the economic effectivity point of view.

Mgr. Jan Hruška

Chief Technology Officer, O2

Česká Spořitelna

We are a part of strategic steps in Sporitelna especially on technological level included full support of DevOps approach as a cultural change. We fulfil the expectations mainly for definition of cloud architectural frame - cloud control plan. Creation of framework, CI/CD pipeline or rewrite of applications for cloud environment are part of it as well. Sporitelna is an essential customer for us, connection of new technological directions supported by cultural change with emphasis on maximal openness and respect. „Cloudfield and Sporitelna created a partnership, which is the fundamental premise of fulfilling our ideas and principles.”

Mgr. Jiří Charousek

CTO & DevOps/Cloud enabler at Ceska sporitelna


We develop applications for areas of security, PKI and data securing (included PCI), which are then operating both in cloud and end customer environment. We collaborate on technical design of solutions.

Diebold Nixdorf

In Diebold Nixdorf we collaborate in the long term in area of retail business solutions, which DN provides to their customers. We design and implement systems for payment transactions, closed card schemes, consolidation of data EET. Systems are designed in consideration of hybrid cloud environment of DN datacenter (PCI environment) and MS Azure.


Cloudfield provides trainings and workshops of MS Azure for Microsoft – especially App Development in cloud, security for App Development and DevOps and modernization of applications.


We have to adapt our systems to trend of nowadays with radically changing requirements of customers in area of e-commerce. Cloudfield help us to design correctly the architecture, to leverage cloud optimally and to use data for streamlining of our work.

Kamil Hrbáček


Carl Stahl

Our need of digitalization of selected processes - evidence of working hours, documents circulation and evidence of work on projects – were realized by colleagues from Cloudfield according to what we imagined. Thanks for it!!!

Ing. Roman Kotora


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